Strawberry & peanut butter smoothie

Don’t you love it when your children help with the housework? Perfect little angels. This week, Boop somehow – and don’t ask me how – managed to bring in a giant dead spider on her arse. Then dropped it on the baby’s lovingly handmade playmat. Baby, on the other hand, enjoys helping with the tumbledryer,… Continue reading Strawberry & peanut butter smoothie

The Most British Train Journey

I firmly believe anyone interested in a contemporary study of British life should just sit on a train. It’s the stuff of anthropologists’ dreams. This weekend we travelled to Manchester to see the Patriarch’s family.  In true British style, our Sunday train service back to London was doubly delayed. We were diverted onto a different… Continue reading The Most British Train Journey

Too Bloody Hot Vegan Caprese Salad

The radio silence this week has been because it has been too bloody hot to cook anything. I love food more than the next person, but it was just too sweltering to start roasting and boiling things.   Mister Baby delighted in being dressed only in a nappy and is thankfully still at an age… Continue reading Too Bloody Hot Vegan Caprese Salad

Sunday Bake: Feta & broccoli tart

Oh, the heat. It’s the prerogative of the British to complain about how cold and drizzly it is for 90% of the year but then be a bit grumpy and out of sorts when we are finally graced with the sun. It is a rare pocket of national ingratitude.  I have never liked the heat… Continue reading Sunday Bake: Feta & broccoli tart

Pimping leftovers: a looking like an adult hack

Leftovers are a wonderful thing. I don’t know what it is about them but I think I enjoy them more than the original meal. Maybe it appeals to my greed – you can serve several things together and enjoy a bit of everything. Since the destroyer of vests (aka, Mister Baby; number 5 on the… Continue reading Pimping leftovers: a looking like an adult hack

Sunday Bake: Bakewell Blondie Pudding

Sometimes the Patriarch outdoes himself. It may be six months into parenthood and he still can’t recite a nursery rhyme, but he has invented a new game to keep babs occupied for a while. Introducing the Council of Animals. A single chamber structure, here Mister Baby wears his ceremonial yoghurty vest to debate with the… Continue reading Sunday Bake: Bakewell Blondie Pudding

Mummy snacks: yoghurt and blueberry compote

Today is my first photo-journalism blog. By which I mean I did not get to finish my lunch yesterday. The poor thing has been teething pretty damn hard (the medical term for this should be ‘miserable and snot encrusted’) so when he conked out on me for two hours, I wasn’t going to move him.… Continue reading Mummy snacks: yoghurt and blueberry compote