Sweet potato & pesto bake

Mister Baby is overjoyed by the autumn weather. So much wind to look confused and offended by. So many leaves to kick through and then scrumple into dust. No one appreciates nature like a ten month old. Wordsworth can do one. This is how nature is revered – with a shriek and a pudgy fist.… Continue reading Sweet potato & pesto bake

Invalid’s Risotto

Shrieking with joy and kicking autumn leaves seems to be Mister Baby’s raison d’etre at the moment. Between that and subscribing to a diet of mostly chocolate, I haven’t had much time to write blog posts. This week’s contribution is courtesy of the Patriarch’s digestive system. After falling ill with something pretty nasty, I thought… Continue reading Invalid’s Risotto

A serving suggestion: autumn hummus tart

Mister Baby’s nappy antics are particularly enjoyable at the moment because he has decided that changing time is the opportunity to squirm like a contortionist covered in fire ants. Despite that, and the fact he has learned to throw things, he is a complete joy to spend time with these days. Walking is coming on… Continue reading A serving suggestion: autumn hummus tart