20 minute dinner: roasted goats’ cheese peppers and tomato pasta

Another day, another turd-related disaster movie. Poor Mister Baby hadn’t pooped for the best part of a week and generally finds the experience a bit traumatic following the introduction of solids. Apple purée hadn’t worked so it was time to break out the nuclear option: prune purée.  To eat, Mister Baby was underwhelmed (can’t blame… Continue reading 20 minute dinner: roasted goats’ cheese peppers and tomato pasta

Cappuccino Brownies collab. w/ Melissa Makes

Gosh, aren’t we all trendy with a “collab.”?  It’s kind of funny because the person I’ve collaborated with is also one of my oldest friends, who happens to be one of my oldest friends because she doesn’t put up with nonsense.  Melissa and I went to school together in the semi-rural West Country, and although… Continue reading Cappuccino Brownies collab. w/ Melissa Makes

Cider Vinegar Pepper Flower Salad

Today I only had one fairy cake and half a slice of carrot cake. I am practically a clean eating princess. My body is a temple (mostly in spatial terms, with room for a community hall and a multi-storey car park). To celebrate, I made this rather photogenic salad. Then I celebrated celebrating with some… Continue reading Cider Vinegar Pepper Flower Salad

Better Human Being Pancakes

We had a lovely stay-at-home holibobs last week, hence the comparative radio silence. My holiday diet is comprised 90% of cake, alternated between me shouting “I’m supporting businesses providing gluten free options” and “why aren’t I thin?” (“You are, darling,” Patriarch says dutifully, as I inhale my 400th slice). Now the hols is over, I… Continue reading Better Human Being Pancakes

Family brekkie: mango & coconut porridge 

This morning we attempted a family breakfast. How blog-worthy! Obviously someone ended up with mango all over his chops and the Patriarch declared he preferred honey on his porridge, but damnit it still counts. Patriarch’s mum kindly brought us proper, ripe yellow mangoes at the weekend. This is a fun recipe because instead of fannying… Continue reading Family brekkie: mango & coconut porridge 

A serving suggestion: spicy salsa

As a terrible mother in the twenty-first century, one of my favourite pastimes is turning Mister Baby’s more hilarious moments into memes. I have a whole file on my phone of babs accidentally recreating poses from famous Renaissance paintings (my fave is still accidental-Sistine-Chapel-Creation-of-Adam). Yesterday, the Patriarch’s parents travelled all the way from Manchester to… Continue reading A serving suggestion: spicy salsa

Coconut & dark chocolate sandwich cake

“What shall we have for tea?” We wailed. We had run out of our smug gluten free brown rice fusilli that the Patriarch actually orders in bulk. Despite having received a full online shop in the morning, we were drawing a blank on what we would actually eat without pasta.  The pasta gods heard our… Continue reading Coconut & dark chocolate sandwich cake