In a rare quiet moment

My name is Bonnie and I live in Greater London (a nicer way of saying zone 6). I’ve just had my first baby and really it’s quite hard to go out wining and dining when you’re trying to save money and operate on 4 hours sleep. But I’m greedy and find a good antidote to being knackered is being busy and eating nice things.

Mostly these are recipes I’ve cooked over the top of a baby sling and with a cat underfoot. And mostly they’re written up when I’m breastfeeding at a godless hour in the morning. And like any self-respecting middle class twenty-something, I thought it would make pretty good blogging fare.

My hobbies include sleeping whenever I can. Here, train edition

These recipes are vegetarian and gluten free because I’m a vegetarian and a Coeliac, innit.

I hope you like them.