A serving suggestion: harissa tofu

Poor Mister Baby. Having such spectacular bowels isn’t always easy.

The Patriarch has returned to work after a brief but delightful holibobs, so today we were back as a dynamic duo. After our usual jaunt to Costa, the morning continued well until one of Baby’s calamitous events

I had just started running his bath. To save water, I put his baby bath in the big bath and leave the shower head running to fill it. Just as I had started this, Baby begins yelling from baby prison (the cot) to alert me that it is coming. After he has pooped, I return to the bathroom to find that the shower hose has flipped over and rained down judgement on our grotty bathroom. Once I’d cleared up this Old Testmant style plague, I went and sorted out the one in his nappy.

I went to run a full size bath for us both to cheer him up and came back to find he had cheered himself up by peeing all over the changing mat and carpet. 

If you have time, I would recommend using my bastardised harissa paste recipe. I actually didn’t have time, so I used a shop bought harissa paste and it tasted great too. 

Cut a block of firm tofu into thin strips approximately 1cm wide and pan fry these until crispy in two tablespoons of coconut oil. Remove them from the heat to stir in a tablespoon of harissa paste. Return to the heat until the harissa has thickened and adhered to the tofu. 

These are best hot and can be eaten with rice or noodles with a sesame oil dressing.

Enjoying a relaxing evening two inches away from Boop

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