Clapped Out Mezze

The ordeal is over. The Grandparents are back from holiday. 

Three and a half weeks of Mister Baby care without assistance during the Patriarch’s extremely long working hours. A trip to Manchester. A family party in Leicester. Mister Baby deciding that when other adults were available, he would only go to Mummy and Daddy. 

It’s done. I’m back in Bristol with the Grandpoops, revelling in having meals cooked for me, and not trying to pick up Baby’s defenestrated toast whilst simultaneously stopping him running amok. 

Mystery bruises of motherhood
I actually don’t know how single parents and people with arsehole partners do this long term. Mad respect.
In the last week, cooking ground to a bit of a halt and I decided to serve ‘mezze’. A bit like Pimping Leftovers, this is one for when you want something a bit tasty but don’t actually have the time or energy to cook. 

Select your mezze from the following:

  • Leftovers – anything goes really. Wet foods like curries or stews can be served in an artful pile or little bowl. Babs has been eating broccoli, tofu fingers, and sweet potato fingers – I made too much so we had the rest
  • Dips – hummus, salsa or Greek yoghurt can go in
  • Other veg – drizzle with oil (particularly infused oil like chilli or garlic) and roast for a few minutes
  • Crunchy snacks like roasted nuts/edamame/broad beans
  • Chunks of cheese and other veggie proteins that might be lurking in the fridge (Patriarch had some quorn sausages)
  • Pitta or crackers
  • Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, hot sauce 
  • Salad leaves
  • Cat hair

Then for the most important bit – arrange it on your fanciest plate or platter. If it’s on a platter, it has to be mezze, no matter whether it just took five minutes to get out of the fridge. That’s the law.

It’s delicious. But tonight I will be dining on something prepared by Grandmoo, and thank fuck for that.


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