Mummy snacks: yoghurt and blueberry compote

Today is my first photo-journalism blog. By which I mean I did not get to finish my lunch yesterday. The poor thing has been teething pretty damn hard (the medical term for this should be ‘miserable and snot encrusted’) so when he conked out on me for two hours, I wasn’t going to move him. When he woke up, I made a snack. This is how mummy gets to snack:

1. Gosh, I’m hungry. I will microwave some blueberries and stick some yoghurt on top. Yummy yummy yummy. 

2. Oh, thanks Mister Baby. Caught purple handed. I’ll get you an apple to suck on so I can try and finish this 3 o’clock lunch.

3. Oh FFS, Boop. Really? At least I can see which blueberries you licked and fish them out.

4. I’m so glad I hand stitched this playmat when I was pregnant. I’ll just stick it in the wash for the billionth time. 


TIME 5 minutes 


1/3 of a large pot of full fat Greek yoghurt or a non-dairy alternative for a vegan option

1 cup of blueberries (frozen are cheaper than fresh)

A handful of hazelnuts

2 teaspoons of brown sugar (Demerara is crunchy)


This is a cheat compote, a bit like in the Surprise Victorias. Just microwave the berries until they are bubbling (about two minutes from frozen).

Swirl in the Greek yoghurt and top with sugar and blueberries. 

Omit the sugar if you’re trying to limit your refined intake. 


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