Family brekkie: mango & coconut porridge 

This morning we attempted a family breakfast. How blog-worthy!

Obviously someone ended up with mango all over his chops and the Patriarch declared he preferred honey on his porridge, but damnit it still counts.

Patriarch’s mum kindly brought us proper, ripe yellow mangoes at the weekend. This is a fun recipe because instead of fannying about trying to cube the mango, it’s so ripe you literally just squelch the pulp off. You can get these precious, gooey fruits from Asian supermarkets (they’re usually sold in boxes of six, are bright yellow, and so fragrant you can smell them through the packing). You can use the other mangoes by freezing the pulp or eating it with Greek yoghurt or vanilla ice cream. 

Despite having decided he no longer likes solids apart from baby wotsits (those organic puff things he can hold in his chubby hands), Mister Baby consented to slurp some mango pulp with a pinch of coconut.

SERVES 2, with a bit of pulp for babs

TIME 10 minutes


2 portions of porridge (gf oats, if required)

2 very ripe yellow mangoes

1 banana

1 tablespoon of desiccated coconut


Prepare your porridge in the usual fashion, with either milk or water. If you fancy adding a bit of coconut milk or cream, all the better.

While the porridge is on the hob, halve the mangoes longways. Using clean hands, squish the flesh into a bowl so that you have lovely stringy pulp and juice. Squeeze the skins too to get any remaining goodness.

Pour the porridge into two bowls and top with sliced banana before finishing with the pulp and desiccated coconut.

Preparing for our impromptu day trip to Rochester

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