A serving suggestion: spicy salsa

As a terrible mother in the twenty-first century, one of my favourite pastimes is turning Mister Baby’s more hilarious moments into memes. I have a whole file on my phone of babs accidentally recreating poses from famous Renaissance paintings (my fave is still accidental-Sistine-Chapel-Creation-of-Adam). Yesterday, the Patriarch’s parents travelled all the way from Manchester to see him. He therefore decided to take a ninety minute nap posed as Pieta, making it impossible to transplant him to his grandparents for cuddles. 

Mister Baby napping on my lap
Michelangelo’s Pieta

Last week I posted a recipe for salsa, which was very tasty, even though I tasted of garlic for the next three days. Patriarch requested salsa and nachos for tea last night, so that’s what we ended up with. 

It takes ten minutes to make the salsa, so pop some brown rice on to boil about fifteen minutes before you fancy tea. I got rather a nice mix of brown rice and quinoa from Tesco this week and can recommend it. When the rice is cooked, throw in two large handfuls of spinach and leave on the heat for another two minutes while it wilts in. Drain off any excess water.

Put some tortilla chips in a microwaveable dish, top with the salsa and some grated cheese, and microwave for one minute.

Serve up with hummus, Greek yoghurt, and a mashed avocado your baby has rejected. 


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