Pasta Not Primavera

Mister Baby loves travelling to see his Grandpoops. He gets admiring looks from fellow passengers, takes in the world and his future empire, and tries to steal copies of the Metro. Whilst going about this exciting business, he also likes to crank out the most impressive and audible farts. Let it not be said he isn’t generous to his public transport companions.

In tribute to the British spring (cold, unpredictable and yet still welcome), this week it’s another Not Pasta dish. Say hello to the Pasta Not Primavera. There’s no fresh peas or asparagus because who has the budget for that. To compensate for not having strange smelling wee, there’s plenty of feta. 

I would have liked to add chilli flakes to this but the Patriarch is in the dog house for having used them all up and not put them on the shopping list. I was nearly apoplectic when I discovered he had also finished the cayenne.

Taking a break from farting by falling asleep on mummy’s boobs

TIME 20 minutes



250g pasta (as always, the budget does go on gluten free brown rice fusilli, darling)

1 head of broccoli

200g green beans

1 red onion

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 

Freshly ground black pepper

Optional: excessive feta or a tablespoon of nutritional yeast


Put the pasta on to boil. Chop the broccoli into florets. Top and tail the green beans. 

When the pasta is five minutes from being ready, add the broccoli and beans to the pan.

Cut the red onion into large pieces and fry in a large pan in a teaspoon of oil. Take the frying pan off the heat when the onion has gone translucent.

Drain the cooked pasta and veg and add to the onions in the frying pan. Stir through the remaining olive oil. Season with black pepper and feta or nutritional yeast. 

Leftovers are nice the next day with a squeeze of lemon.

Boop stages a sit on protest


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