Sunday Bake: Chocolate Nuggets

My mum (aka Grandmoo) makes chocolate nuggets from the ancient Sainsbury’s Entertaining cookbook. They are so delicious that if distributed on the appropriate scale, they could potentially broker world peace. 

We had a lovely pal coming over and I wanted to make them. Naturally, instead of a large packet of digestives I had a small packet of gluten free oat and berry biscuits; instead of honey, golden syrup; and butter, not margarine. And no M&Ms for the jewel in the crown (see originals).

The sacred original

Unwilling to abandon the quest for world peace, I tweaked accordingly. 

The Patriarch almost undermined diplomatic efforts during a summit about what would replace the M&Ms.

P: Can’t you put marzipan on top?

Me: It isn’t decorative and I use marzipan in everything. People will think it’s all I ever use.

P: But it tastes nice. 

Me: I’ll use raisins. The chewy texture will go well.

P: It won’t. What about nuts? [subtext, “I don’t like raisins or any sort of fruit ruining my dessert”]

With ambassadorial finesse, I just plonked both on top and dusted with icing sugar. The raisins did indeed add a lovely chewy texture. The Patriarch picked his off.

I bought these grey mugs because I thought they looked chic and Scandinavian

TIME 5 minutes, 2 hours chilling

MAKES 12 pieces


200g oaty cookies, preferably with berries or raisins in, possibly gluten free (I got mine from M&S, ooh la la)

150g dark chocolate

2 tablespoons of golden syrup

50g butter

Small handful each of raisins and roasted almonds


Break the dark chocolate into pieces and melt over a low heat in a large saucepan with the golden syrup and butter. 

Take off the heat.

Put the biscuits in a freezer bag and bash into a fine crumb with a rolling pin or heavy implement of your choice.

Add the biscuit dust to the saucepan and combine.

Pour the mix into a brownie tin lined with baking parchment. Scatter with the raisins and almonds (unless your peace talks are unsuccessful) and chill for two hours before slicing into 12 pieces then eating all 12 (in the pursuit of world peace, you understand).

Mister Baby and the Patriarch on an adventure (Nando’s)


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