10 minute pointy pepper and halloumi stew

I actually bothered counting Mister Baby’s wake ups last night. Nine. And it was an average night. There is usually a more catastrophic night about once a week. “Babies settle down at about three months”, you’re told. Bollocks. 

Often (always), tea is a case of “what’s in the fridge – ok that’s what we’re eating”. This is one of those recipes. I appreciate that the point of a stew is that you let it stew, but I think I’ll next have time for that when Baby is five. This is the super quick alternative that, like Sleep Deprived Salad, is for stuffing some sort of nutrition in to the day between inhaling chocolate. 


TIME 10 minutes (obviously)


3 pointy peppers (I believe there’s a proper name for these but buggered if I can remember at this stage)

1 block of halloumi (preferably the one with bits of chilli in it)

1 punnet of tomatoes (on the vine are nicest but pricey)

1 can of tinned tomatoes

1 clove of garlic


Chop the halloumi into cubes, dice the garlic, ribbon the peppers. Chuck in a pan with the tomatoes to simmer for a few minutes.

Serve your gourmet stew with some sort of carb. Here, new potatoes.

Boop sympathises. Sometimes she only gets 14 hours a day


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