Easter Sunday Bake: 3 tier celebration cake

Happy Easter!

I hope it is full of family and chocolate. 
Baby’s great-grandma is having some of “the Irish Contingent” over for lunch today so I volunteered to make us a cake. It wasn’t entirely altruistic because, well, cake.

This one is three layers of chocolate sponge. The bottom cake is topped with apricot jam, marzipan, dark chocolate, and crushed mini eggs. The middle layer features marzipan star lettering and apricot jam. The top cake is crowned with a soft meringue.

In the process of making it I did my first live Instagram video and posted updates on my Facebook page. It was all painfully 2017.
I was going to dutifully write the recipe out, but then I wondered whether anyone was actually going to go to the trouble of recreating this. I mean, it is a lovely occasion cake, but I don’t flatter myself that readers will spend four hours making their own. Why not spend the time with my family instead? So – I’d be delighted to write the recipe out later if anyone actually wants it. Pop a message in the comments and the recipe will be happily transcribed.

A very happy Easter to you and yours x

Obligatory Dick mug

The cutest little tummy in the world. Mummy put lippy on for the live video and forgot about it (it is a rare event)


2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Bake: 3 tier celebration cake

  1. It looks amazing. I will soon have to make Little O’s first birthday cake, which is going to be interesting. I love the lipstick mark. Little O constantly has them on his head from visiting with his grandmother.


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