A non-recipe post: Ode to Mrs Heckler

I was heckled for breastfeeding in public for the first time today. The weather was gorgeous and Mister Baby still had his knickers in a twist after his vaccinations, so I ended up perched on a wall feeding him.

I spent some time considering the impeccable logic of Mrs Heckler. If you don’t like people nursing their babies in public… well, WHO and the Equality Act 2010 disagree with you but that’s another argument. It’s the decision to yell that opinion at a stranger that I wish to dedicate this post to. I imagine that the thought process goes something like this:

I don’t like what you’re doing. I find seeing a breast in public icky and morally bankrupt. I could keep my disapproval to myself.

No, wait! I have a better idea! I will yell at the young mother who is holding her four month old and otherwise by herself. Harrumble! The moral high ground is mine! Now I will roll up the window and drive on before she has time to react! Lololololol – WIN. 

Crap, I’m late for my appointment to kick the Pope. 

So, Mrs Heckler, please accept my heartfelt congratulations for preserving public decency. If, next time, you leave your window unrolled for long enough, I will present you with the Excellent Human Being Award, of which you are so clearly a deserving recipient. 

Until then, bonne chance and may singing cherubs guard your dreams, beautiful soul x


3 thoughts on “A non-recipe post: Ode to Mrs Heckler

  1. OMG what an utter twunt! I have been feeding Little O for 9 months, most of it uncovered and I have actually never been heckled in the UK. I was in South Africa (where I am from)… by a woman. And also drawn into am upsetting debate with family members where I actually walked out of the restaurant we were in to stop myself from engaging in a full on shouting match. I don’t get why people care. If you don’t like it then by all means, don’t look!!! No one is making you!


    1. I know, right? I honestly don’t understand. I can only assume she thinks it might offend children or something, so her fab idea is to shout at someone with an infant! Argh, arguments with family sound stressful.


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