A Practical Post: Sleep Deprived Salad

Mister Baby is currently in the midst of one of these heroically misnamed “Wonder Weeks”. These are weeks when your baby goes through a period of particularly rapid mental development, and apparently goes a bit batshit in the process. As I write this, baby moves into hour three of both his nap and the Boob Limpet Olympics. So between the excessively long feeds, the even more broken sleep, and calming the crying episodes, eating is the utilitarian downing of calories. If I get five minutes to make lunch, it is something that requires no heating, no preparation, and can be eaten one handed over the course of a few hours.

And so the renaissance of the sleep deprived salad. It’s not so much a recipe as a framework, like a crap Buddha bowl. It’s a way of claiming some sort of nutrition during the long, long day.

Spring at the local industrial estate

Today’s surprisingly tasty combo was:

-cherry tomatoes (halved – the only thing resembling prep in this dish – you can just leave them whole when the baby starts crying)

– feta, mashed up with one hand

– roasted peanuts

– hummus

– pumpkin seeds 

– rice cakes

– pepper and chilli flakes

Essentially, the recipe is this:

Prewashed leaves; any other veg that doesn’t need prep; a chunk of cheese if you aren’t vegan; hummus; nuts and seeds; some sort of carb (think rice cakes, crackers, a bread roll). 

If you have balsamic vinegar or olive oil, you’re set for any dressing you want too. 

Put it all in a bowl and you’re done. Make sure you buy the ingredients in your online shop, kick back and enjoy the week.*

(*sob and eat biscuits for the rest of your meals)

Her Majesty enjoys the sun on her catio

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