A Savoury Affair: Belated Pancake Day Part 2

Cheddar, tomato and carrot, left; halloumi and spinach, right

Cooking these days often begins with a brief game of Russian roulette over which Tupperwares and pots have been used to soak the nasal aspirator. On the assumption that they’re all either washed or set over a gas hob, I quickly get bored and just use what is to hand. 

A source of less mystery and more Dettol is the good dining chair that Mister Baby belched up an enormous amount of milk over after I made these pancakes. It’s also the same chair that got covered in ankle pus when I lanced the Patriarch’s boil last autumn. To the friends reading this – enjoy taking pot luck next time you come to visit. 

The ruination of dining chairs aside, these pancakes are stress free and look disproportionately sophisticated to the amount of work they involve. Having enjoyed the spinach/halloumi combo in this recipe, I’ve repurposed it here for the first pancake filling. The second filling is cherry tomato, cheddar and carrot.

You can either use your usual pancake batter or this one from Part 1 (minus the chocolate) that comes from my ma’s old Coeliac Handbook. 

24 years old and still going strong

TIME 25 minutes

SERVES 3 (fills 6 big or 8 small pancakes)


One small bag of spinach

Half a block of halloumi (preferably with chilli in)

One carrot

60g cheddar

One box of cherry tomatoes (approximately 300g)


Make your pancakes. 

Wash and halve the tomatoes. Wash and take the top and tail off the carrot and grate it. Grate the cheddar. My top tip here is to return this mix to the plastic box the tomatoes came in. Set the box on some kitchen towel and a plate and let some of the moisture from the vegetables drain out of the holes at the bottom of the box. This will stop your pancakes getting soggy.

To make the spinach and halloumi filling, dice the cheese into 1cm cubes and fry in a dry pan for 4 minutes, turning regularly. As they begin to go golden and crisp, add a handful of spinach at a time to wilt in the pan. It will take about 4-5 to wilt all the spinach.

Fill the pancakes with the two fillings and place under the grill (or in the microwave) to melt the cheddar and reheat the pancakes. Top with chilli sauce and cracked black pepper.

Boop makes her contribution to the running of the household


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