Pasta Not alla Liguria


How was your Thursday evening? 

It was date night so I put on a beautiful low cut dress and heels, and the Patriarch took me to an amazing new restaurant in Shoreditch. He even surprised me with a champagne cocktail.


Patriarch had work drinks and because Mister Baby has been in particularly fine fettle this week, I haven’t got further than the Costa in the retail park at the bottom of the hill. There was no fresh food left in the house and the oven has been smoking since I burned cooking oil in there, ruling out oven chips. Storm Doris put a kibosh on venturing out in search of food so I ordered a takeaway (sag paneer and chips, the connoisseur’s choice).  

Now, the cherub can only really be awake for an hour or so before becoming overwrought and needing at least fifteen minutes of bouncing and feeding to the white noise of the kitchen extractor fan on its loudest setting if we hope to avoid “Here’s Johnny” levels of hysteria. Then he sleeps in my arms. 

Fast forward an hour, everything was cold, my skirt fell down, I had to take my tights off because I knocked my can of coke on the floor and walked through it, and I’m sitting in my underwear on the sofa watching my eighth episode of Gilmore Girls with palpitations from the salt content of the food I ate one handed. Patriarch will be home soon to enjoy the aroma of old curry, a sticky floor, and an extractor fan still singing it’s siren song.

But the baby is asleep.

Here’s a recipe for Pasta Not alla Liguria. I liked the idea of double carbs and pesto from the traditional recipe (who wouldn’t?) but wanted to change things up. Here we use red pesto, sweet potatoes and cauliflower.


TIME 30 minutes 


350g pasta (I like brown rice fusilli)

One small jar/200g of red pesto (tomato and chilli is good)

6 new potatoes

2 sweet potatoes

Half a head of cauliflower (or other veg of your choice)

6 piquante peppers or roquito chillies

Half a block of feta

Chilli flakes and black pepper to season


Chop the new potatoes and sweet potatoes into 2cm cubes and the cauliflower into small florets. Put in a pan of water and bring to the boil then simmer for 10 minutes until softening but not fully cooked.

Add the pasta and cook until al dente (7-12 minutes depending on your choice of pasta, see packet). While you wait, chop the piquante peppers into small ribbons.

Drain the veg and pasta and return to the pan. Stir in the pesto and season with chilli flakes and pepper. 

Serve topped with crumbled feta and the ribboned chilli peppers. 


Use a vegan pesto (available in the Free From section at the supermarket) and replace the feta with flaked toasted almonds or unsalted cashews. 

Waiting out Doris


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