Blueberry breakfast smoothie

Did you know about nasal aspirators? They allow you to suck the disproportionally enormous bogies out of your cherub’s nose. Literally. You suck the bogey out into a filter chamber with a mouthpiece. I hope you feel enlightened by this knowledge. Thankfully, Mr Baby actually finds this task hilarious, which is just as well when you’ve seen every hour in the night. 

Anyway, I thought if I didn’t put a smoothie recipe on the blog soon the bourgeois police would shut me down. So here it is. It needs relatively few ingredients and is quite cheap if you buy your blueberries frozen! It’s very nice and I’d like to say it’s a breakfast you can make quickly when you have an antsy baby, but that would be a lie. I started making it one morning but got so waylaid and short handed that I just bunged the blender in the fridge and finished making it the next afternoon. Let me know if you manage it quicker. 

It’s naturally vegan too.

TIME 5 minutes if you don’t have your darling progeny to hand


One banana

One cup blueberries

400ml non-dairy milk (I use Koko)

One tablespoon chia seeds

One tablespoon almond butter


Put everything in a blender and whiz together. 

Le aspirator

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