Hob top flapjack – 5 minute peril

In between removing the cat’s acne and a baby poop so apocalyptic I had to throw away his vest, I sweetly made the Patriarch his favourite dessert. He had been good, so I did wash my hands first. 

This flapjack is very tasty and a wee bit dangerous. It only takes 5 minutes and you don’t even have to measure the ingredients – just use your bog standard wooden mixing spoon for the quantities below. 

Serve with good quality vanilla ice cream. The Patriarch is partial to M&S’s Madagascan Vanilla Gelato. Many a tub of soft scoop vanilla has been rejected now that he has discovered this £4 carton of liquid crack. 

TIME 5 minutes

SERVES 1 (you can make two batches for two of you. Or two batches for one of you)


1 spoonful of golden syrup

1 spoonful of sugar – light brown or Demerara 

4 spoonfuls of oats (gluten free, if necessary)

A matchbox sized knob of butter, see pic


Melt together the sugar, butter and golden syrup over a low heat. Turn the hob off and stir the oats in.

If you are a flapjack connoisseur, add more butter for a richer taste or more golden syrup for a sharper, sweeter contrast to the ice cream.  


Replace the butter with dairy free spread. 

Have you ever seen such chubby, adorable hands?

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