Loaded Pulow

Having recently said I don’t have much time to blog, I actually decided I’d like to post this one. The motives are self-serving: firstly, it’s pretty, and secondly, I wanted to be able to cook again so I needed to write it down somewhere. Mealtimes with a toddler – particularly this toddler – aren’t terribly… Continue reading Loaded Pulow

Festive Spiced Chickpeas

Apologies for the absence but Mister Toddler has been busy being a festive honey badger. Today, for example, he helped decorate some biscuits for the neighbours, which was followed up with a bath to remove chocolate from his ears. Have you ever breastfed in the bath while a toddler clasps a plastic dolphin fan and… Continue reading Festive Spiced Chickpeas

Happy birthday & muddy puddle marmalade sandwiches

It’s official, today Mister Baby becomes Mister Toddler. A whole year of adorable tyranny since he was ripped from my womb in an emergency c-section because he refused to come out the conventional exit. Start as you mean to go on, eh? Still no teeth, still never slept through (ha, not even close) and yet… Continue reading Happy birthday & muddy puddle marmalade sandwiches

Plum & Almond Cake: a seasonal tweak

Well, it was inevitable. Mister Baby has learned to demand chocolate. If he catches a whiff of cocoa-beaned joy approaching your mouth, he will lunge gleefully to appropriate what is rightfully his.  In a gesture of self-sacrifice, I made a cake instead. This sponge is the autumn sister of Gita’s English Plum Cake. The English… Continue reading Plum & Almond Cake: a seasonal tweak